Being poor is the new diet.

I would rather buy plants and fish for my aquariums than being well-fed throughout the month. The only thing that holds me back is that I know that I will whine about not having enough money when my boyfriend hears it. And that he'll give me his "Are you fucking kidding me?" look. :D "Deeeeear... you spent all your money on aquarium stuff."

Buhuhu, but I LIKE spending all my money. :(

I hate being an adult where you have to pay for bills in the end of the month. And where you have to keep track of your contracts.

Damn you internet-marketing, for making me believe that everything that your company says is true! You're just too convincing, with your nice graphic designs and your blending effects. Robert isn't at all that easily convinced. He went to look for a new electricity provider right after I whimpered about how my new one isn't at all as cheap as it seemed to be, when I received their contract confirmation.

Anyway, because of that "accident" I have to pay 70 Euros in the end of this month. (they scheduled the bill for 30 June. Awesome guys, reaaally awesome. Usually I have about 50 € left in the end of a month, you fuckers. Now I have to live off of bread and butter to pay your fucking bill, if I want to spend some money on my aquarium-hobby.)

And no, I have not complained enough yet. I had my (oral) English exam on Monday and I got out with 83 %. Meh. If I just had noticed the backside of that dialogue sheet a bit earlier. Then I hadn't have to improvise the rest of the sheet and the discussion. But what's done is done. I just hope the written exam goes a bit better.

Jonas texted me that he'll be back to school after the summer break. But he still didn't tell me why he was absent in the first place. Fucker.

Hadn't have much motivation to draw in school on friday. But I doodled some half-naked Korra stuff. (I was so close to drawing porn actually, but I was too lazy) Still frustrated about how no one of my friends knows the series and actually likes it enough to discuss about it. There's so much I want to rant about, and so many things which are interesting in more than one aspect. /sob. forever a fangirl.