It felt so nice not being watched at work for once. Usually I've had one of my supervisors watching me 24/7, now I'm unwatched for like 23/7. *win* And I can do all the stuff I like, designing Flyers, Websites, etc.

So my parents have been gone for two weeks. They're on a vacation trip in Egypt. You know, sun, ocean and always warm. I'm so damn jealous. It has been rainy and cold since days straight. Part of why I hate Germany.

Other reasons are:
- German people always sound angry even if they're not
- the language is really hard to learn and to pronounce, because everything just sounds so stiff
- German language mostly consists of words we stole from other languages such as English(!) and French (I'm not saying other languages don't steal from eachother, but they don't mix it as heavy as Germans do)
- Oktoberfest. wtf?
- German Songs must be forbidden
- late German Musichistory overall is hilarious, I mean, Schlager ... ? (dictionary says it's 'hit songs' translated, but w/e)
- English is just way cooler. Bro. 8|

I'm fine about living here, as long as I can whine about it. :}

My boyfriend is far far away on a military base in Japan. His work keeps him busy 24/7 with useless stuff that's wasting his time. This week for example, he's on a parking lot around the corner of his usual working place training useless stuff. The best thing about it is tho, that this training lasts until Saturday. Before that, he can't even go to his room and sleep in his bed, even if they have to be not far from it.
This is such a huge waste of time. I have tommorrow off and I was happy I could spend it with him. :/ Now I'll more rather spend my day sitting around and maybe sort of cleaning before my parents come back tomorrow.

*yawn* Wasting my day off, too.

Someone (Lydia) has to give me an idea what to draw. :|