I emptied almost one bottle of vodka on my own, lol. And all I can do is going on until I pass out.

After someone mentioned something really hurtful Since I'm not satisfied with my weight, I shouldn't eat so much. I've lost my appetite.


platina said...

Because whenever I tried to tell you what bothered me about you - you'd just laugh and shrug it off and never take me serisouly at all. Because yes, I tried. So I tried to vent my frustration elsewhere, so I would not have to do it on you, so you'd never have to see, so I could stay being friends with you, because I wnat to be friends with you (even with all what bothers me about you and what probably bothered you about me), but we both know that backfired. (And is hardly and excuse.)

Stop drinking, that doesn't fix anything.

I'll be online on monday if you want to talk.