Lady Gaga- Alejandro was still saved in my Winamp on my PC as the last played song.
Mmh, fine. *turns the volume up*


I'm back from an ... interesting weekend with my best friend Lydia. We cooked, we shopped and we watched the fucking awesome Soccer World Cup Match of Germany vs. Argentinia.
Ahh... don't be sad Argentinia. I can't stand handsome guys crying.

We were commenting about the goodlooking players and laughed at the trainer of argentinia, wich is some sort of mafiaboss, I think.

Other subject. For example: I started smoking these delicious cherry tobacco cigarettes. I don't regret a thing.
And if its killing me, then its gotta be that way~

Work is tiring. I even started reading that book I borrowed from Ly, just like a machine. I'm almost done with it, and I'm about to buy some books of an author called Henry Miller. He wrote some pretty explicit sex-romans I'm interested in.
I bought that package of cigarettes the day before yesterday, and it's almost done. Stressful days.

Artsy tiiiime. Yaaay. *overdone cheerful*

I'm too embarassed to show what ugly shit I drew when drawing at Lydias place while we were waiting for our food to be done cooking 2 hours.

But I like this oneI drew at home:

Cutenessspam. <3


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